Elevate 1st Grade Learning with Keiki

Discover Keiki World and turn your child's screen time into a delightful and educational adventure with interactive games for grade 1.


With Keiki App, your kid elevates the essential skills for the first-grade class through engaging, personalized activities. Supported by teachers and loved by parents and children!

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Offline access capabilities

Enjoy offline access so your child can keep learning anytime, anywhere. No internet needed!

Award-winning learning games

Explore a collection of award-winning educational games loved by over 3.5 million users globally.

Easy-to-navigate interface

Benefit from simple, kid-friendly navigation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.

Available on multiple devices

Seamlessly access the learning process from any platform so your child can study anywhere and anytime.

Learning adventure with Keiki


ABC & Reading

Learning games guide your child through each letter of the alphabet, improving their reading skills with fun and educational challenges. Let kids dive into the world of letters.


Numbers and counting

Counting games make math fun by helping your child learn the numbers better through playful and interactive learning. Make numbers a fun adventure!


Social-emotional skills

Your child will learn more about basic social skills such as cooking, personal hygiene, health, and wellness in a way that feels more like play than learning!


Logic & Memory

Dive into a world of engaging puzzles and games that sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With each fun activity, your child will enhance their cognitive abilities in a game-like way.

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Learning Games for First Graders

Keiki App knows how to attract your 1st-grade kid:

Learning games

Dive into a collection of learning mini-games for first graders designed to teach basic subjects in a fun and engaging format. The short games are perfect for keeping children engaged, making learning effective and enjoyable.

Video content

The engaging videos combine fun with learning by offering cartoons, songs, and fairy tales. Ideal for first graders, Keiki videos provide an enjoyable way for children to learn while watching their favorite cartoons.

Fun brain-boosting activities

Stretch your child's thinking skills with activities designed to improve cognitive ability playfully. From memory games to logic puzzles — choose games you like that enhance cognitive skills in a fun way.

Printable worksheets

100+ hands-on activities will help you balance the child's learning process and make it even more effective.

Task Completion

Learning games

Dive into a collection of learning mini-games for first graders designed to teach basic subjects in a fun and engaging format. The short games are perfect for keeping children engaged, making learning effective and enjoyable.

Why parents love Keiki


Great educational games for my kids, even better that it doesn't contain any ads. We tried several apps, but this one was the best for me. My 4-year-old daughter loves it. Great for preparation before she starts entering kindergarten.


My 18 month year old has learned so much because of this game!! She plays it on my tablet. Unbelievably impressed by all of what this game has to offer. She’s learned shapes and color sorting, animals, sorting items, numbers. Cute characters on those games are super cute and keep her engaged.

Google Play

This app is amazing for my twin toddlers! They are learning so much so quickly it's fantastic! I have zero worries about them being ready for school when it comes!

App Store

I got this app with my 3 year old in mind. We do home schooling at home and it’s a simple stress free way to incorporate fun activities into learning! With progress reports on how the learning plan it is a great way to make sure what we are talking about and learning connects through the app as well!

App Store

The app itself is a great tool for teaching children through play, it also has helpful printouts for the parents to get them off screen time and interact.

People often ask

What skills will my child develop using this app?

Your child will enhance the basic skills necessary for 1st graders, such as counting, writing, reading, spelling, speech development, basic math, logic and problem-solving, and more. All this will be assisted by our interactive and engaging activities, which foster a love of learning.

Can I track my child’s progress through the app?

Certainly, the app is designed to provide real-time information about your child's progress, enabling you to support their educational journey. Enjoy progress-tracking features and be sure that your child is spending valuable time. 

How do you ensure the games are engaging and educational?

Our lessons are crafted into mini-games, blending comprehensive learning with interactive and engaging content. All activities are based on educator and parent-approved materials, ensuring that the games and learning process suit the child's age, preferences, and psychological traits.

How does the app protect my child’s privacy?

Children's safety is a Keiki priority. Relish a secure and child-friendly environment with Keiki. The app has a strict privacy policy and ensures that all personal data is protected and never shared without the user's consent.