English Classes for Kids

Enroll your kid in the Keiki App and see how fun and interactive learning English can be. Your child’s brighter future starts here!

Everything Your Child Needs to Learn English

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Interactive lessons

Learn with an online English course for kids that engages children with entertaining videos, quizzes, and exciting activities. Build a solid base of English for your little one in a fun way. Each English class for kids is created to suit a child's age and learning needs, ensuring that topics are fully understood and engaging.

Educational games

Our educational language games turn learning English into a fun adventure for children. Designed to reinforce language skills through play, these games help kids easily remember new words and concepts. From puzzles to interactive stories, your child will love learning English while having fun.

Printable worksheets

Enhance English learning with Keiki's printable worksheets. These hands-on activities are ideal for practicing your language skills offline. From coloring pages to word searches and writing exercises, Keiki’s worksheets offer valuable opportunities to reinforce what your kid has learned.

Enjoy fun online English classes for kids with the Keiki App!

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What you get with the Keiki App

Personalized learning way

The Keiki app fits lessons and activities to your child's unique pace and interests, keeping them engaged and motivated as they learn English online for kids.

Expert-designed content

Keiki's professional teachers create fun and practical exercises that build strong English language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Enjoy all the benefits of your kid’s learning English in one app.

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Progress reports

Celebrate your child's victories with the Keiki platform. Receive progress reports and regular feedback and watch your child's English confidence grow as they develop new English skills.

Child-friendly environment

The app provides a safe, kid-friendly environment free of ads and distractions, ensuring your child's positive and focused learning experience. With Keiki, your child spends their screen time with benefit, and you have peace of mind.

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Personalized learning way

The Keiki app fits lessons and activities to your child's unique pace and interests, keeping them engaged and motivated as they learn English online for kids.

Learn English with Fun!

Turn your child's English learning into a fun adventure with the Keiki App!

Why parents love Keiki

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Recently installed the app for my nephew. He liked the games a lot! Nice music, interesting tasks... usually I am not writing reviews but this app for kidsworth it. Thanks to developers for a great educational game!!! :)

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This app is absolutely good for children, I love it.

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Love it. Thank you so much for this app, it will help my child grown smart each day.

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I love this app. it's just so perfect for kids!

How to start?

step 01

Download the ''Keiki World'' from the App Store or Google Play.

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Sign up in the app and create a personal account for your kid.

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Customize your kid's personal profile.

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Start your child's English learning journey! 

Frequently asked questions

How does the Keiki App make learning English fun and engaging?

The Keiki App incorporates a variety of interactive methods to make learning English enjoyable. The English online classes for kids include stories to read, animated characters, interactive games and fun activities that keep children entertained while they learn. A playful approach to learning helps keep children interested and motivated.

Can I track my child's progress in the Keiki App?

Absolutely! The Keiki App provides regular feedback and progress reports that allow you to monitor your child's progress. You can see detailed reports on which lessons your kid has completed and their overall progress in developing key skills. It ensures you stay informed about your child's learning process.

What skills will my child develop with the Keiki App English courses?

With Keiki App's English course for kids, your child will develop a range of language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The program also improves vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and communication skills. In addition, children will gain confidence in using English in everyday situations and instill a love of learning.

How does the Keiki App ensure a safe online learning environment?

Safety is a high priority for the Keiki App. The platform is ad-free and designed to provide a safe, child-friendly learning environment. The app uses robust security measures to protect personal data and ensures that all content is appropriate for your child's age and needs. Parental controls allow you to monitor your child's use and progress, giving you peace of mind while your kid learns.

What are the qualifications of the English teachers at Keiki App?

Keiki App's English teachers are certified and experienced professionals who love teaching children. They hold relevant education and English language qualifications and can effectively engage and teach young learners.

What materials and resources are used in the Keiki App English classes?

The Keiki App uses a variety of materials and resources to enhance learning. The English classes for kids include interactive e-books, animated videos, educational games, and printable worksheets. These resources are carefully selected to support different learning styles and keep children engaged and motivated.

How can I get started with the Keiki App English learning program?

Getting started with the Keiki App is easy! Just download the Keiki App from the App Store or Google Play. Once you've registered, you can create a profile for your child and begin exploring the extensive library of lessons, activities, and games. Join today and start an exciting journey of learning English for kids with Keiki!