Refund Policy

If you made a purchase directly on our website, you are eligible for Voluntary Refund. For the sake of clarity, the following scenarios are not refundable:

Please note that the requirements below can be simplified depending on your particular situation. Please contact our support first -

  • You applied for the refund of the payment that had been made more than 14 days before.
  • Personal reasons. You don’t like the product, it did not meet your expectations, etc.
  • Financial reasons. You did not expect that you will be charged, that the trial will be converted into a subscription, that the subscription will be automatically renewed, or that the services are paid, etc.

Refund Process

Millions of people love our platform because we give them a solid boost in languages via a high-tech approach. It is endorsed by the facts below:

  • App Store and Play Market featured us numerous times
  • We have 4.6/5 rating in App Store
  • We are top-10 installed language learning apps for adults
As we value the positive attitude of our clients, the refund process is as easy as possible. But we might ask you questions about your experience with our products, to improve the platform in the future.

Last updated: 26 November 2021