Season 2: Vocabulary from Sex/Life Serials on Netflix

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Sex/Life Serials

It has been more than a year since the reaction trend to Sex/Life episode 3 at 19:50 became viral on TikTok. People couldn't calm down about a particular scene that appeared in the first season so unapologetically random. We won't mention what was there, but if you know, you know. However, that wild scene and the sex/life choice that the main character Billie had to make brought people's attention to the Netflix series. And after a long pause, the story finally continued on March 2, 2023, when Sex/Life returned on Netflix with season 2. 

The first season of Sex/Life ended with Billie coming to her hot ex Brad to get what she had wanted for a long time - a wild night. While we did want to know what would happen next in the series, we also saw the benefit of Sex/Life Season 2 from the language learning point of view. Since the Sex/Life vocabulary is pretty easy, the intermediate students can enjoy the show while memorizing more advanced words and phrases from it. So here we are - with the list of the Sex/Life vocabulary list. 

Why Promova Recommends To Watch Series And Learn Vocabulary From Sex/Life Serials 

Nothing can be more thrilling for English learners than when they start understanding native speakers without asking them to slow down. However, unfortunately, communication with English natives in real life is not always possible. Some people live outside of the native speakers' environment, others find it difficult to get friends with Americans or Brits online. Also, practicing conversations with natives might seem pretty intimidating for English learners with intermediate English proficiency. And that is when movies and series in English should be brought into the game! Learning English through tv shows is bearable if you put your mind to it and find a suitable piece of entertainment content as well. That is why Promova recommends you learn vocabulary from Sex/Life serials season 2. What makes it so good, you ask? Here are the answers.                                                

  1. Simple lingo and dialogues. The topic of the Sex/Life series might seem pretty intimidating and oriented for a more adult audience. While the aforementioned is accurate, it doesn't cancel the fact that adults speech is not that complicated. Even when English natives speak about exploring female desire or marriage problems, they use the most basic grammar and not that difficult vocabulary. So, you will definitely be able to understand the characters' dialogues and storytelling behind the camera of the main character Billie. 
  2. Non-primitive plot to feel the gaps in not the most common conversational topics. Being able to talk about the weather and how to get to the airport in English is essential. We cannot deny that. However, many English learners study the language to participate in day-to-day conversation just as if they were speaking in their native language. The vocabulary from the Sex/Life serials allows you to dive deeper into non-domestic English. You must agree that the wild world of Billie's sex past and calm motherhood are uncommon in cinematography. Directors and filmmaking studios just started getting to the point where they show all aspects of unapologetic exploration of female desire. So, this series basically saves you from watching old cartoons where the characters barely talk or some primitive YouTube videos to grasp English speech. 
  3. Different accents. From true American to Aussie accents, Sex/Life season 2 is full of different accents. Most of the characters speak with an American accent, but the bad boy Brad has an Aussie accent, his baby mama speaks with a British accent, and the new Billie's love interest goes with a Middle-Eastern accent. Also, you can notice some hints of the ebony accent in the speech of Billie's friend Sash. In terms of accents, this Netflix show is a true goldmine for English learners who still adjust their hearing to the English language sounds. Listening to the Sex/Life season 2 characters will help you to improve your perceiving the language by ear in no time. By the end of the season, you will see that you benefited not only from the Sex/Life vocabulary but also from the variety of accents. 

Once you are done with vocabulary from Sex/Life season 2, you can move further to exploring other Netflix vocabulary hidden in their series and movies. For instance, as an intermediate English learner, you will benefit from quotes from Emily In Paris season 3. Likewise, those excited about Gen Z slang can check out Wednesday Addams quotes and useful vocabulary. And when you feel the strength to seriously level up your English, vocabulary from You season 4 or quotes from the Crown on Netflix will meet your expectations perfectly. 

For more vocabulary from tv shows, you can enroll in English With TV Series course on the Promova app. We gathered words and phrases from iconic shows such as Friends, Office, and Desperate Housewives in bite-sized lessons with cute flashcards. Also, if you feel like discussing the series you've been binge-watching recently, you can book an individual class with one of the Promova certified English tutors. They have several years of teaching experience, so answering all your questions about English in tv shows won't be a problem for them. Moreover, such fun lessons can become a part of your personalized learning plan on Promova. 

Sex/Life Vocabulary For Intermediate English Learners

The desire to learn English through tv series and movies fits well into any learning plan, even if your proficiency level is intermediate. Yes, it might be challenging to find a suitable piece of content where the plot and dialogues won't be primitive and will actually fill you with some knowledge. However, it is a totally manageable story if you have the Promova blog on your side in this English learning journey. If you are tired of watching plain educational sitcoms like Extra and you are ready to spice it up, then vocabulary in Sex/Life series season 2 is just for you!

Episode 1 Welcome to New York

To get over someone - to forget someone after a breakup and feel good again.

It took everything I had to get over you. 

DILF - a sexually attractive man at the age when he already can have kids

To whack up - to control or dominate someone or something

Or so says the DILF I whacked up with in San Fran. 

A paramour - a lover

A paramour in every city doesn't suck. 

To get back in the game - to return to something after some time

We need to get you out of this apartment and back in the game. 

Crusty - dirty

These clothes are crusty, girl. 

A kismet - a destiny

Because it's kismet?

Bitter - resentful, unpleasant 

I'm in the middle of a bitter divorce. 

To cut to the chase - come to the point

At this point of my life it's better to skip the dance and cut to the chase. 

Worth the trip - worth the effort

Worth the trip. 

Once upon a time - at some point in the past

To doom - to destine

The ancient Greeks believed that we were, once upon a time, physically ripped from one another, doomed eternally to search for our other half. 

To be lost to the wind - vanished or unable to be found

And if one or even two are lost to the wind it only makes room for the next. 

To catch a whiff - to smell something for a moment only

If I do much as catch a whiff of you, I'm done. 

A heads-up - a warning

I should've given you a heads-up. 

To go off - to leave 

To die on the vine - to fail at early stage

You really think I'd be happy just watching you go off and start your career while mine dies on the vine. 

Big time - greatly 

I screwed up big time. 

Episode 2 Georgia on My Mind

To clip - to cut

Someone clipped it. 

Yakking - talking a lot about trivial things

She and her friends haven't stopped yakking about it. 

To do better - to achieve something or improve

And you are not gonna do better. 

Stern - serious

We decided to let you go with a stern warning. 

To make something a thing - to make something look more important than it really is by exaggerating 

I don't want to make this a thing. 

A pop - a light explosive sound

I remember every scratch and pop. 

Episode 3 Seasons of Love

The male gaze  - placing women in the context of heterosexual male desire

I know today is not exactly about the male gaze, but I do love watching you in your element. 

To feel sustained by - to give support or relief to

I don't know, I felt sustained by it. 

IRL - in real life

Hashtag "IRL." 

To take a rain check - to reschedule

I gotta take a rain check. 

Burgeoning - developing rapidly 

That experience has given me new perspective, especially on how to appeal to the burgeoning mommy market. 

An asset - a useful or valuable thing 

And considering 80% of your clients cater to those consumers, that knowledge could be a real asset. 

Not your sink, not your dishes - not your business 

It's not your sink, not your dishes. 

To flutter - to wink

Because my eye will flutter sometimes when I'm tired. 

To nuzzle up - to snuggle or cuddle 

The Kim Cattrall look-a-like that was nuzzled up to your neck. 

Ecstatic - very happy and excited 

Brad's ecstatic. 

To turn around fast - to improve or get better at something

We need to turn this shit around fast. 

Episode 4 The Weakness in Me

A run-in - an argument 

I had a run-in with Billie. 

To jump in with both feet - to become involved quickly and without thinking

You jumped in with both feet on the same night. 

Collateral - secondary

Try to minimize collateral damage along the way. 

To blow over - to end

I'm sure it's all gonna blow over. 

Hazmat - protective 

You need to put on your hazmat suit and clean this shit up. 

To cream something over - to experience orgasm

She is practically creaming her panties over the idea. 

To 86 - to reject, to cancel

Then 86 the boyfriend. 

To be envious of - to have a negative feeling of desire for something you don't have but another person has

You should not be envious of me. 

To buzz up - to enter the building

I get notifications on my phone with camera footage when someone buzzes up. 

Unflinchingly - uncompromising

You have been unflinchingly honest with me, so I know I just need to man up and do the same. 

Episode 5 Future Starts Today

A plaintiff - a person who accuses someone of doing something in the court

By signing it, the plaintiff and defendant attest to the following. 

A reconciliation - reuniting 

Have all attempts at reconciliation been exhausted?

FYI - for your information

Thanks for FYI. 

To get dibs on - to claim something yours

I got dibs on the redhead. 

A perseverance - a continued effort

I kept trying because the only way you get better at something is through perseverance. 

To be up to someone - to be decided by a particular person 

I mean, it's up to Majid. 

To jack up on - to stimulate or excite, to get under the influence of something

This is what happens when you jack little people up on sugar. 


Episode 6 Heavenly Day

Imbued - infused

Immense - extremely large or great

We are all sirens, imbued with great power, capable of experiencing and delivering immense pleasure, but also catastrophic pain. 

A blank slate - something clear or empty

Like, blank slate. 

A pit stop - a brief stop

Gotta make a quick pit stop, buddy. 

To bend - to adjust 

To comply - to act in accordance with

To derive - to obtain from

Women were expected to support, to bend, to comply, to derive their power from the men to whom they were attached. 

To chuck - to throw carelessly 

So after all this time, you're just gonna turn into one of those girls who chucks it all to run after some man?

Formidable - intimidating

You are formidable. 

On the mend - recovering

Looks like the place is on the mend.


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