Improve your English in 2 months!

Improve your English in 2 months!

Learn languages with fun by following a step-by-step personalized plan created just for you.

Learn languages using best practices



Each personal language tutor and content-maker is staying up-to-date with latest learning trends and breakthroughs so we can provide our customers with the best learning approaches. We have been doing this for 3 years now and are recognized all over the world!


Fast Brain

With our set of memorable/cute/engaging/alluring cards you’ll find a simple yet effective way to study languages. It is a scientifically proven approach that helps you adopt new knowledge up to 72% better.



Practice makes perfect! Dive deep into the language learning environment with our multi-cultural communities, videos, flashcards, exercises, personal tutors, achievements, friends and much more. Just find what works for you!


Video courses

The videos are a fun interactive way to learn languages. They help with pronunciation, grammar and enriching vocabulary.

Improve your English in 2 months!

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lidiaFeb 20, 2022

Amazing app for those who need to improve some vocab. The app’s layout is way comfortable to read and vary useful to the learning experience.

Sandra R.Dec 4, 2021

Nice application! Actually i have been my IELTS coaching class is running now not only hepls me but also learn new rules of grammar

user2312Feb 7, 2022

Very good material, animations, didactics, use of words, illustrations, different ways to put the brain to the test, to remember and memorize in a super practical way.

lola_loApr 12, 2022

I loved the tutoring. Got a personal teacher to coach me through the tough grammar rules and to enrich my vocab. Together with using the app I made huge progress in just a month.

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