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What you’ll find

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Language courses

Discover a language learning platform with hundreds of powerful lessons. We work with veteran teachers and experts to create language tools that help take your skills to the next level!

App Language Courses

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1x1 tutoring

Need more practice and 1x1 attention? We’ve got your back! Learn a different language with the help of certified teachers. Get a personal plan and study at your best time.

Currently available only for English learners
1x1 Tutoring

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Group lessons

Take language classes with fellow learners! Choose the skills you want to improve and browse dozens of lessons in your timezone. Practice grammar, speaking, language use & more!

Currently available only for English learners
Group Lessons

Helping learners of all levels

Test your language skills

Test your skills and understand your level of language use. Complete tests for grammar, listening, and more. Get actionable advice for your future language learning success!

Test my skills

Learn the most spoken languages in the world!

What learners say

lidiaApr 2, 2023

Amazing app for those who need to improve some vocab. The app’s layout is way comfortable to read and vary useful to the learning experience.


App Store

Sandra R.Dec 4, 2021

Nice application! Actually i have been my IELTS coaching class is running now not only hepls me but also learn new rules of grammar 


Google Play

lola.loApr 12, 2022

I loved the tutoring. Got a personal teacher to coach me through the tough grammar rules and to enrich my vocab. Together with using  the app I made huge progress in just a month.

user2312Feb 7, 2022

Very good material, animations, didactics, use of words, illustrations, different ways to put the brain to the test, to remember and memorize in a super practical way.

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Our approach to learning languages:

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    Guided bite-sized learning

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    AI teaching assistants

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    Practice communities

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    Certified tutors

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    Personalized experience

People often ask

How is Promova different from language learning websites?

We have much more than just a website! You can:

We introduce handy new tools for learners all the time! With our help, you don’t have to go anywhere else to practice and fully immerse yourself in language study.

Is Promova free?

Some of our online language courses are free, the speaking club is free, and many core features are (and always will be!) free. However, if you’re serious about learning, consider Promova Premium to greatly speed up your progress.

 In addition, many learners enjoy booking lessons with a language tutor to practice and increase their speaking confidence. Do what works for you, and remember that having fun is the most important part of success!

How quickly can I become fluent?

Depends on your native language, background, and abilities. On average, it takes learners 500 hours of dedicated practice to master a language that shares the same roots and 1000+ to learn languages that don’t share the same culture and general rules.

It might not be a feel-good answer, but it’s true! Your success depends on the time and effort you put in and the kind of help you’re getting. Some people can shave this time in half with dedication, language classes, and regular practice. 

We suggest you focus on small daily tasks and bite-sized lessons with Promova to make steady progress. You’ll be surprised how far you make it in just a few months!

How is your approach better than traditional classes?

Learning a foreign language online isn’t new, but it was limited until now. Cookie-cutter courses, boring word games, generic lessons - it’s hard to take your individual needs into account. That’s why many apps and platforms have only ever been a supplement to regular classes - they don’t offer enough tools.

 We believe that learning technology is still in its early stages and want to push it further. Imagine being able to learn anywhere, anytime, practicing in a native-like environment, and getting advice from professionals along the way.

 You can study any topics you want and track progress on your personal goals. Of course, you will learn the same grammar rules as everyone else, but you’ll do it on your terms - in a way you understand things best.

What does Promova mean anyway?

It’s a Ukrainian word that means “speech” or “pronunciation.”

 Promova also breaks into two words, which turns it into “about language.” So, we’re all about languages! To learn more about us and our many learning tools, visit this page or contact us to say hi!