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In Process


In process means that something is currently being worked on and is not yet finished or completed.


1.My application is currently in process and I expect to hear back soon.

2.This project is still in process and estimated to be completed in three weeks.

In Progress


In progress means that something complex is currently happening or being worked on and is not yet finished.


1. The new system upgrade is in progress and should be ready for launch by the end of the year.

2. The renovations are in progress and should be finished soon.

3. His dissertation is still in progress and he hopes to have it completed by next year.

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In Process




In Progress




Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "In Process", "In Progress".

1. In Process refers to something that has already started but is not yet completed. It is often used in business or to describe a task that has been initiated and should be completed very soon.

2. In Progress, on the other hand, implies that something has started and is continuing to move forward. It is often used to describe more complex activities or tasks.

3. Mnemonic tip: Think of In Process as being something that will end soon and of In Progress as being something that requires more resources.

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the first word 'In Process'?

The phrase 'in process' is typically used to describe an action or event that has started and has yet to be completed. It is used to indicate that a project is underway or that there is an ongoing development in some areThis phrase is usually used when the progress of the activity is of importance or when it needs to be tracked.

When to use the second word 'In Progress'?

The phrase 'in progress' is similar to 'in process', but it is more specific in meaning. It is used to indicate that an action or event is currently taking place, but needs more resources to be complete.

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

No, the words 'in process' and 'in progress' have slightly different pronunciations. The word 'in process' is pronounced in-pro-cess, while the word 'in progress' is pronounced in-prah-gress.

What are common mistakes associated with words 'in process' and 'in progress'?

One of the most common mistakes associated with these two words is misusing them. It is important to remember that these two words have slightly different meanings, so it is important to use the correct word in the correct context. Additionally, people often try to include the hyphen when writing these words, which is incorrect. So it is important to double-check that they have been written correctly. Finally, mispronouncing either of these words is a common mistake, so it is important to ensure that you are saying them correctly.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. The construction of the building is still ___.

2. We are still ___ of reviewing the documents you submitted.

3. The software update is currently ___.

4. The movie production is ___ and will take a few more months to complete.

5. I cant access the document right now; its ___ of being edited.

6. The major roadwork near the city center is ___; kindly use alternative routes.

1. in progress

Explanation: This sentence refers to something complex (the construction of a building) that is currently happening and not yet finished, which makes in progress the appropriate choice.

2. in process

Explanation: The context indicates that a task (reviewing documents) is currently being worked on but not yet completed, making in process the appropriate choice.

3. in progress

Explanation: A software update is a complex task that happens over time. Hence, in progress is more suitable for describing the ongoing nature of this activity.

4. in progress

Explanation: Movie production is a complex task involving many steps and stages, so in progress is the correct choice.

5. in process

Explanation: The document is undergoing a specific task (being edited), which is not yet completed. In process fits this context best.

6. in progress

Explanation: Roadwork, especially major roadwork, is a complex activity that involves multiple tasks and is ongoing. Thus, in progress is the appropriate choice.

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