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Learn languages as a habit with fun bite-sized lessons! Sign up for free online language courses on Promova to improve your skills.


Learn new grammar and vocabulary to increase your fluency in 19 languages. Get the best online language courses on any device, at any time, whenever you want to practice.

What you can do with our language courses

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Develop practical skills

No confusing rules and outdated topics. Learn words and phrases that you can use in everyday life. Practice grammar with exercises designed by language experts to help you become fluent.

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Remember everything you learn

Never lose your progress. Turn learning into a habit by spending just a few minutes every day on your online language program. Get optional reminders to keep improving your skills.

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Level up your abilities

Beginners and masters welcome! Learn at any level from A1 to C2. Complete a short quiz and find lessons to increase your proficiency. Find the best foreign language courses for your needs.

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Enjoy the learning process

Complete 150+ engaging lessons with stylish illustrations. Use the power of association and visual memory to learn. Have fun and improve your language skills at the same time.

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Stay motivated to improve

Find lessons about TV shows, business English, books, and media. Improve by finding lessons specific to your personal needs. Never lose sight of your learning goals with Promova.

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Make progress effortless

Study on your terms, at your own pace, at your best time. Remove pressure from learning with language courses designed to help you become comfortable with reading, listening, and writing.

Why learners choose our courses?

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Thanks to my tutor in English. This language is hard for me, but thanks to the patience of my teacher, everything works out. No one hurries me, does not drive me, but studies at a pace. It is comfortable for me.
great app for English learning... I recommend this to anyone who is willing to improve English and become fluent in speaking and listening it helps
Definitely like it so far. Quality matches my expectations and practice is interesting lightweight not just for beginner level. Try it out.
Well, first of all I have to mention that fact the app is very clear at explanation and everything is catchable for everyone. Second of all I’m absorbing all the new words easily day by day thanks for creating this app i really appreciate it)
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About our lessons

Online language learning programs on Promova use the latest education technology to help:

Grow Your Vocabulary
Master Grammar
Use The Language
Discover Popular Culture
Get Tips
Interactive Learning
Audio Materials
Android English Exercises and Quiz

Frequently asked questions

Are Promova online language courses free?

We offer flexible opportunities for learners with both paid and free language courses online. You can register and find a list of free lessons available at your level. There are no limits to these - practice as much as you want to and improve your skills.

In addition, we offer several paid subscription options for learners who want to improve faster and get access to advanced features. You can find all the features and benefits directly in the application after registering and selecting your level.

We also offer access to practice with tutors and group lessons if you’re interested in improving your skills with hands-on guidance from a professional.

Do I have to download the app to use Promova?

No, you can access the best language learning courses directly from your browser. However, for learners who find mobile more convenient, we also created apps for both iPhone and Android phones. While you’ll find slightly different features on each device, the courses are the same for every learner.

Furthermore, you can now add Promova on any device without having to open the website every time. Simply log in once and press “Add to Home Screen” on any modern browser. You’ll get a shortcut directly to Promova with the help of Progressive Web App technology.

How long does it take to become fluent with Promova?

Studies show that fluency takes between 500 and 700 hours of active practice in a foreign language. You can absolutely become fluent with Promova, but it depends on your current proficiency level and motivation. You can become fluent much faster than average learners if you’re willing to spend an hour every day practicing general skills.

At the same time, if you are looking to improve specific skills such as business English or travel topics, you can focus on that instead. Casually practicing for just 10 minutes a day can help you gain confidence and make language practice a habit.

What’s your best online language program?

Our most popular program is the English-to-English course. It helps beginners and advanced learners practice exclusively in English without translating it into their native language. Many people find thinking in a language much easier to learn when they take courses exclusively in it.

However, we offer programs in 12 other most spoken languages worldwide, which all get great results because we follow a proven methodology. Explore different courses to learn more!

Why choose Promova over other language courses online?

Think of Promova as your language learning multitool. We create tools for you to learn on your terms in the best way possible. Unlike others, we consider your personal goals and offer different options for you to get there.

For example, our courses are tailored to your level. You get to learn from sources like pop culture, books, grammar or vocabulary lessons, and so on. In other words, learning with Promova gives you control over the process to ensure you reach your goals.